Lesson 5-9: Intro to Computer science program (Udacity)

You are too much concerned about what was and what will be. There’s a saying that yesterday is history , tomorrow is mystery , but today is a gift . That’s why it’s called “present”.

– Master Oogway

Completing these lessons was a roller coaster ride for me , because I got stuck at a problem in one of the problem set and I was frustrated , but at the end I solved the problem all on my own and that was a big victory for me. I am now fully committed to learn CS in entirety.

Here are the links for for code of each lesson (except for lesson 9) –
Lesson 5 : https://github.com/aalpanigrahi/code_resources/tree/master/udacity/intro_to_cs/lesson5
Lesson 6 : https://github.com/aalpanigrahi/code_resources/tree/master/udacity/intro_to_cs/lesson6
Lesson 7 : https://github.com/aalpanigrahi/code_resources/tree/master/udacity/intro_to_cs/lesson7
Lesson 8 : https://github.com/aalpanigrahi/code_resources/tree/master/udacity/intro_to_cs/lesson8

So , these are some of the topics I have learned are:

  1. What is a procedure ?
  2. What are control structures ?
  3. What is procedural abstraction ? How to make it happen ?
  4. What is syntax of a procedure ?
  5. What are parameters ?
  6. What is a block ?
  7. What is a return statement ?
  8. What are procedural side-effects ?
  9. Functions with no return statement & output when such functions are called
  10. Numbers as branching condition / test condition
  11. Localized nature of variables in procedure block
  12. What is procedure composition ?
  13. What are comparison operators ?
  14. What is the difference between equality comparison and assignment operator ?
  15. What is an if statement ?
  16. What is an else and elif statement ?
  17. What is Boolean data type ?
  18. What is an or operator ? How does it works ?
  19. What is max() and min() ?
  20. What are loops ? What is a while loop ?
  21. What is an infinite loop ?
  22. How to find factorial for a given positive integer using python ?
  23. What is a break statement ?
  24. What is multiple assignment ?
  25. What is a not statement ?
  26. How to find range of a set using python ?
  27. What are some good programming conventions ?

From today onward , I will begin my journey into learning more new concepts from Lesson 10 and onward. With this section I have completed about 30% of the course.

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